Charlotte is at the age now where she learns a new word every day.  Some of them she says correctly, like the word “shit,” and other words she says in her own way that make me howl with laughter, like cantaloupe, which she pronounces “cilicoop.”  CILICOOP.  I really can’t.  Over the past few days she has a new word in her vocabulary arsenal.  That word is “um.”

Me: Char, what would you like for dinner?

Char: UMMMM, red pop?

She is saying um before everything now.  UM, YITTLE BIT OF MILK. UM, NO GO TO BED, UM CAN I HAVE AN ICE POP.  Everything is um, um, um.  I’m not even sure where she heard it, because I am pretty aware of how I try not to say the word um, because it has been ingrained in my brain that filler words such as um and like are NO GOOD.  So while it’s adorable now, I kind of want her to stop saying um all the time.  I’m going to be such a grammar nazi.  But then again, I’m still letting her say cilicoop instead of cantaloupe, so maybe I’m not that bad.

Also, I have 6 days left in my 20s.  I made an appointment for Friday to get my hair colored because my greys are out of control.  WAH WAH WAH WAH.


  1. I love love love words like that! Aadelyn used to say hopsadoodle instead of hospital and she just started saying is correctly and it made me a little sad hahaha I’m sure the “um” won’t stick. Sometimes kids use it to hold the listeners attention while they figure out what to say. Example: Aadie called me back into her room last night (usually she goes right to sleep). So i went in and she was like “uhm, Hi mom… its dark in my bed… ummm…I can’t even see my finger nails.” 🙄😂😘


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