Right now in NYC I am pretty sure the temperature is only around 80 degrees but there is 750 million percent humidity so it feels like you have stepped into a pot of split pea soup when you walk outside.  You feel wet and warm and uncomfortable and my fingers are swelling and my hair is frizzing and honestly, I am done with it.  Summer was nice but I’m ready for it to be the hell over.  I want leggings and sweaters and boots and scarves.  Before you start attacking me, no, I do not want winter to be here, I want FALL to be here.  When the air is crisp and you can open the windows and not have to be breathing in recirculated air conditioned air 24 hours a day that is costing a billion dollars a month.  That’s all.

With talk of fall comes talk of Halloween.  I talked to Charlotte about Halloween this morning and explained that she gets to dress up however she wants and we get to walk around for candy.  This made her very happy.  Her favorite food group is candy.  I asked her who she would like to dress up as and she told me Cat Boy from PJ Masks.  We are on a SERIOUS PJ Masks kick in our house lately.  She’s seen it before, but now it’s pretty much her favorite show and her favorite toys.  So as of right now, Charlotte will be Cat Boy.  She then told me that I will be Gecko and Eric will be Owlette.  I am all about this.  I am ready for my husband to wear a red suit with owl wings.  We are going to rock the Halloween Circuit as the PJ Masks family.


Now all I need to do is find this in his size.

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