Ummmmmm – Charlotte Shea Schwartz slept in her bed ALL NIGHT for TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW.

SAY WHATTTT?!  I’m totally jinxing this right now, but I mean, this is a huge accomplishment.  This is something I need to brag about a little bit, because I thought she’d never, ever do it.

I still woke up every hour though, filled with anxiety that she was suffocating in her blanket and that was the reason why she didn’t wake up. Two and a half years later and I’m still thinking the kid is dead when she sleeps through the night.  This is a problem.



RIP Viserion.  You deserved better.  But maybe this is what we need to get your mother and your cousin to finally get it ooooonnnn.  I am still shipping this incestuous relationship and I don’t care who knows it.  Actually, everyone knows it because I’m constantly posting about it on social media and screaming it in regular ordinary conversations.  Someone will ask me how I am doing and I just yell out I’M NOT GOOD BECAUSE DANY AND JON STILL HAVEN’T BONED.

Maybe next week?


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  1. Ha! My daughter is 2 and if she sleeps past 8 I automatically think she has suffocated too! Paranoid Parents Syndrome I think! Well done to little Charlotte! Fingers crossed it continues!


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