I have a serious question.  How the actual f do any of you with multiple children do it?  Honestly, I am flabbergasted at the idea.  Is there some sort of trick?  Do you drug your kids?  Do you drug yourselves?  Is there a point in time when you forget how absolutely horrifying it is to be a mother to a toddler and just go for it?  Do you just have accidental sex?  Or do I just have the absolute best birth control in the form of Charlotte?

I am just so damn blah lately.  Ever since the crib escape, life has been hell.  We haven’t got the bed we want yet because we can get it from IKEA that is 20 minutes from our house but we haven’t had any time to get there and I don’t feel like paying a $99 delivery fee.  Last night it took two hours to get Charlotte to go to sleep.  She continued to wake up every time I moved away from her and we had to start Game of Thrones late which is a tragedy because Sunday night is mine and Eric’s night.  IT’S OUR TIME DAMMIT.  But Charlotte doesn’t care.  It’s not enough to spend every minute of her day with me, she needs me to be there when she sleeps too.  And I just keep thinking to myself how can I ever, ever, EVER add another child into this mix?  Eric and I both want another baby at some point, but the thought of ever having another one is horrifying.  Will this feeling ever go away or am I just destined to have one kid that has pushed me to limits I never thought possible?

I’m also turning 30 in less than a month so that’s bothering me.  I know it shouldn’t, but it is.  Le sigh.


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