Hi there!! Sorry for the hiatus – I was off from work for a glorious 5 days and had some fun stuff to do for the holiday weekend!  And today I am exhausted AF because the fireworks never stopped last night and Charlotte was in my bed at 8:40 and had to sleep on top of me all night and I was up pretty much the. entire. night.  YIKES.  Oh well.  I guess things could be worse, right?  She had SO much fun this weekend.  Eric and I took her to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday even though it was 90 degrees and we were sweating like the animals we were seeing.  Charlotte was more into the puddles and the water inside the exhibits than the actual animals, which makes no sense to me, but toddlers never make sense.  Every puddle of water she saw she would scream “jump in the water!” and we had to constantly tell her to look at the animals and not the stagnant pools of god knows what on the floor.  All of the gorillas happened to be sleeping which pissed her off.  She kept yelling at them to wake up but I guess because it was 90 degrees they all just lay there not moving.  Can’t say I blame them!

We went swimming on Monday and yesterday we spent the day at my friend’s house where we had entirely too much delicious food and the kids played together for hours.  It was just so nice to be outside having fun and enjoying our time together that I was a little sad I had to come back to work today.

Also, all we watch is Moana, all we listen to is Moana.  My mom bought her a Moana shirt and she had to wear it immediately.  On Friday we went shopping with my mom and I am a sucker who bought her a Moana baby doll and the chicken Hei-Hei and I caught her in her room with the dolls playing the music from my phone and making them dance.  So while I am pretty sick of all things Moana, it’s pretty damn cute to see her so obsessed.  But I really don’t want to have to sing “You’re Welcome” ever again.

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