Sometimes I don’t really understand how Charlotte’s brain works.  She picks things up pretty easily (except for potty training, this kid will never be potty trained) and she has a better memory than I do.  But there are times when I look at her and I just wonder, what planet did you come from?

For example, she has this obsession with things that are hot or cold.  She has to ask me if everything is hot or cold.  The bath water, any type of food item, my hands, her toys, the sky.  The obsession mostly has to do with food though.  When I make myself something to eat she stares at it and then screams in my face: “mommy hot? mommy cold? mommy HOT?!?!?” until I tell her the temperature of the food I am eating.  She likes when my food is hot because then she gets to blow on it.  She really gets excited when she sees steam rising up from food because then she knows it’s hot and doesn’t have to ask me, she can just scream at me that it’s hot.  This is a really fun time in our lives you guys.

Up until last night, she always liked her food the temperatures they were supposed to be.  I asked if she wanted her mac and cheese for dinner (I’ve been feeding her the same macaroni and cheese for days, but it has pureed cauliflower in it, so bite me) and she hollered back at me “YAY MACKENYONY!”  So I went to put it in the microwave but she went ape shit.  As one does when their mother is preparing nurturing food for them.

“NO HOT MACKENYONY! NO HOT!” So I looked at her and asked if she seriously wanted cold, congealed, days old mac and cheese.  And she told me yes.

And so I fed her cold, congealed, days old mac and cheese.  But it has CAULIFLOWER IN IT.  Sooooo I win.  Right?

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