Any of you guys out there just get tired?  And I’m not talking the usual parental exhaustion, I’m talking about just being tired of everything.  Tired of cleaning a house that continues to get dirty and messy and contemplating if it would just be easier to light a match and set it all on fire.  Tired of having to buy groceries and then actually make meals out of those groceries.  Tired of laundry.  The washing, the folding, the putting away.  Losing socks.  WHERE DO THE SOCKS GO?!  I’m sick of losing socks.  I’m tired of commuting.  Driving to a train station and taking multiple trains that consistently have delays and are hot and crowded and full of miserable people who are probably just as tired as I am of losing fucking socks.  It’s really all coming back to the socks.  Maybe if the dryer spit out pairs of socks like you put into it nobody would have anything to complain about.

I sound like such a whining bitch right now.  I know I do.  And I apologize for my complaining and behavior.  I just have a to do list that never gets done and sometimes it’s pretty overwhelming.  I spent 2 hours cleaning my house yesterday while my mom graciously kept my daughter and it still feels a mess.  I bought groceries and I don’t want to cook anything at all.  I just want things to be done for me.  That’s the dream people.  Getting a live in nanny/maid/cook/to do list doer/sock finder.

I promise tomorrow I will come back in a better mood.  It is Monday after all.

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  1. Oh I feel ya! I had a tired of shit kinda day yesterday. It happens. Don’t fight it or beat yourself up. Life is bloody hard, no wonder we get tired of it! Put your feet up, leave the socks and chores. Easier said than done, I know. Who cares, have a tired day! Eat pizza and watch tv!


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