OMG YOU GUYS.  I have been waiting for Moana to be released on Netflix so I could force Charlotte to watch it.  I’ve actually been waiting to show it to her since I dragged Eric to see it in the movies last November.  And even he loved it, like I knew he would.  Anyway, it finally came out two days ago and we are ALL. ABOUT. MOANA.  It is one of the happiest times of my life.  Charlotte has never sat and watched a movie in her whole life.  We are always just watching snippets of videos or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all. the. time.  So I told her that we were going to watch something really special together and I put Moana on, and now she has been asking for it every time she sees the TV.  And I oblige her, of course, because WHO DOESN’T LOVE MOANA?

The first time she saw it she asked me 750 million questions as the movie was going on.  Let me just point out the fact that she hasn’t seen past the first 25 minutes yet (UGH COME ON KID) because she keeps asking to rewind certain parts in the beginning over and over and over again.  She’ll say to me, “BABY IN THE POOL!” and by this she means the one scene where baby Moana is in the ocean for the first time, and I have now seen this scene a grand total of 612 million times.  I like that she thinks the ocean is a pool, because she’s only seen pools and never oceans.  I should get this kid out some more.

Anyway, she’s starting to dance to the songs and requests that I dance with her.  AND HONESTLY THIS IS MY DREAM.  Dancing to Disney movies that I love with my baby.  Singing the songs with my baby!  DISNEY FOREVER!!!!

I seriously cannot wait to introduce her to all of the Disney movies I love so much.  After we watch all of Moana, which let’s be honest, could take weeks, The Little Mermaid is up next.  And then Hercules.  Because Hercules is an American treasure and seriously does not get enough credit in the world of Disney movies if you ask me.

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