We didn’t have the best night last night.  Charlotte’s 2 year molars are coming in and have resulted in her being kind of a mess.  She doesn’t want to eat anything and she’s just acting like a real Richard. (Get it?  Please tell me you got it.  Moving on.)  Anyway, 10 minutes after we put her to bed she was awake screaming her head off, then Eric went in to relax with her but she was in my bed by 9:45 anyway.  She spent the hours between 1 & 3 alternating between laying on top of me, crying that her hair is in her face or that her shirt was riding up or that her pants were too tight (they weren’t) and also trying to throw herself off the bed.  So needless to say, I was pretty tired this morning and was hoping she would keep sleeping while I had to get ready for work.  Spoiler alert: she didn’t.

However, the cutest damn thing happened that made me forget about how tired I was for a minute.  After whining that she wanted me to lay in bed with her (I wish baby girl, I wish) I told her I had to get ready and I asked if she wanted to help me pick out my clothes.  She told me to turn the light on (“yight on mama”) and I said I would pick out two outfits and she could choose which one I would wear.  She sat up in bed and was so attentive, I mean, she even put my phone down for a hot second, and I presented her with a blue dress and a black dress.  Her eyes got wide and she shouted, “blue mama! blue!” and that was that.  I am now wearing my blue dress.  She even picked a necklace for me.  It was just a really cute moment that I am now sharing with you all because I think it’s important to equally share her Richard moments (you got it now, right? RIGHT?!)  with her super cute kid moments.

Now if only I could take a little nap.

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