We just got back from a weekend spent in Lancaster, PA and Hershey Park.  The Great American Chocolate World! Before this trip Charlotte never cared for chocolate, but after riding the Chocolate Tour and taking 475 photos with the Hershey Bar character, Charlotte ate her first miniature Hershey bar and never looked back.  Her chocolate stained mouth shouting “more chockit!” at me will never get old.  She had a great time and I had so much fun watching her, especially the fact that she rode rides all by herself for the first time.

When we go away I let Charlotte sleep in bed with me, because the child has never slept in a pack and play and roll-away cribs tucked in the bathroom never seem to work for her.  Both nights when it was time for bed she snuggled in close to me and asked to go under the “cubbas” (covers) and would make me sing her songs about her friends Mickey and the gang.  If I moved my arm off of her she would grab it and pull it closer.  I have to say, holding her close to me and watching her eyelids get droopy and flutter closed before she fell asleep is probably one of the best feelings in the world.  While sleeping with her the entire night isn’t the most restful sleep (thanks for the head kicks, and back kicks, and stomach kicks…) the pre-sleep cuddles make it totally worth it.  So much so that I missed her last night when she went back into her crib.  She did so without much fuss too, and slept until 7:30 this morning, which is a miracle sent from God.  Chockit and cuddles.  How I’ll miss these days.

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