Why is American Idol already coming back to television?  Didn’t it just end LAST YEAR?  Didn’t they promote the shit out of the final season?  Does anyone actually want American Idol to come back?  HAVE WE NOT HAD ENOUGH SINGING COMPETITIONS????

Why does my child still have to scream her head off every night when I put her to bed?  The 30 minutes last night of ear piercing shrieks really topped off my Mother’s Day.  I am so over it.

The new fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World is just fantastic.  I know this because I watched the live stream with my mom on Friday night.  I hope we can go see it in November but Charlotte will probably scream through it and I bet everyone around us would hear her over the booming of the fireworks.  Happily ever after my ass.

I just saw a news story online that said a man died after setting himself on fire for a Facebook live video.  But like, why?  What is wrong with people?

If anyone is wondering what I’ve been doing for the past few hours, the answer is taking BuzzFeed quizzes.  Because I’ve clearly got my priorities in order.  According to my last quiz I will live to be 101 years old based on telling them what I ate in the past 24 hours, so clearly my day is going up from here.

Speaking of eating: I can’t stop doing it.  I have leftover steak salad in the fridge for lunch today and it’s only 10:30 but I can’t stop thinking about it and I might seriously just eat it now and then get second lunch later.  My summer body is so on point, let me tell you.

I’m tired.  I’m always tired.  Le sigh.

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