Dear dry shampoo: Thank you.  Thank you so, so much.  Even though you turn my scalp white when I spray you on, somehow, someway, I wake up with hair that can be deemed clean and voluminous.  You are a wonder and I love you.

Dear coffee: Keep shining, keep smiling, know that you can always count on me, to drink you, that’s what friends are for!!!  Seriously, I’d be lost without you, you sweet, sweet nectar of the gods.

Dear Fresh Direct: Thank you for being there when I have no time, desire or will to go grocery shopping.  Which, let’s face it, is most weeks because I’m a lazy sack.  Thank you for your ready to eat meals when cooking is the last thing on my mind because my toddler insists I lay on the floor so she can rub my earlobes.  You could be a little less expensive on some items, but since I am an online coupon ninja I usually find ways to scam you and get money off.

Dear Weight Watchers: Sorry I gained two pounds this week.  Actually, I’m not sorry at all.  All of the food I shoved in my face the past 7 days was delicious.  I’ll work out tonight.  Maybe.

Dear Punta Cana: I cannot wait to visit you in January.  30th birthday trip with my girl LisaRae – HERE WE COMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

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