Charlotte’s room at home is beautiful.  It has lovely espresso furniture, the walls are purple and gray with white shimmer (thanks Lisa! I’ll always remember that painting day!).  She has these gorgeous watercolor photos in the silhouette of Disney Princesses, a big canvas full of silver glitter that says “She Leaves a Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes.”  Her room is the embodiment of a little girl.  And we all know Charlotte is anything but.  Just another check on the list of “Kids Are Never What You Expect” is that fact that right now, her favorite thing, of all things, is the Incredible Hulk.  And she walks around the house, including her beautiful girly room and shouts, “HULK CRUNCH!” in a very deep and serious voice.  For some reason she can’t say Hulk Smash, so she says Hulk crunch.  And I laugh and laugh and then weep as I clutch her headbands and bows and tutu’s to my chest.

All jokes aside, this kid is absolutely hilarious and proving my expectations of what a little girl would be to be wrong every day.  And I love it.  And I love her.  HULK CRUNCH!

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