Yesterday was a beautiful day weather wise.  Charlotte and I packed up around 10 AM to head to the farm with our friends and then spent about an hour at the playground until she asked to go home.  This is a new development with her and it’s very cute.  When she’s done with something she is done and just says, “mama, home!” and off we go.  We made our way back home and I decided it was nap time (for both of us).  I asked if she wanted to go in her crib and she told me “no mama, bed! blanket!” ba!”  So I got her bottle ready and we went into to my bed, shut off all the lights, put the blanket over us and watched a little bit of Doc McStuffins.  Then I turned off the TV and told her it was time to take a nap and she spent the next 10 minutes curled into my body with her head on my shoulder going through the songs she knows.  We both fell asleep to her singing 1-2 Buckle My Shoe.  I woke up before her but I just stayed in bed, watching the ceiling fan whirl around, with her little body wrapped up around mine.  I remember all of the naps we had together after nursing her and thought how nice it is for us to nap now without that, but also sad about how we can now nap without that.  We had two naps this weekend together like this and I can’t get enough.  Mostly because I know how many naps we’ve already had and the days that are gone.  She won’t want to nap with me forever, so I’ll take these perfect naps whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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