We are coming out of the black cloud of misery and meanness that has enveloped my daughter all weekend and sent me into a downward spiral of depression.  Maybe it’s the fact that the weather is finally getting  nice enough to spend hours and hours outside?  It’s amazing.  I got home early yesterday and Eric and I took her to the park where she ran around and played with other kids and then we took her to another park that was completely empty which was also nice.  I am totally one of those moms that follow their kid around the playground though.  I still feel like she is too small to be on her own and I also have a terrible imagination of horrible things that can happen at the park so I am hovering over her like a psycho.  I think I will get better and plop my ass on a bench once I know she won’t fall off the ledge by the monkey bars because she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  I hope so because I really don’t want to be a helicopter mom.

As you are all aware of by now, Charlotte is all about her daddy doing everything for her, but of COURSE only wanted me to carry her for the 47 blocks to and from the park.  My body is aching today.  I asked if she wanted to go in her stroller to get there and she shouted, “no I walk!” but you know damn well the kid wasn’t going to walk.  We’re back to hating the stroller.  Even when things are good with her they are never easy!

It’s funny how kids can make you want to run away to Antarctica one day and then make you happier than anything the next day.  Maybe the spring time weather is going to be good for us.  Here’s hoping!

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