I’m trying to introduce Charlotte to more games in which we actually play with each other and don’t sit on the iPad watching Elmo do Peek-A-Boo.  Last Friday my brother and I decided to play hide and seek with her, which she adorably calls “ah boo!” because we shout boo whenever she finds us.  I thought last night would be a good night to play since I saw the iPad was on 10% battery life which meant she used it a LOT during the day and dear God will the screen time guilt EVER GO AWAY?  Anyway, hide and seek it is!  I asked her if she wanted to play and she said “ah boo! mama hide!” and so mama hid.

Except, have any of you actually played one on one hide and seek with a two year old?  Spoiler alert: it does not go well.  She wanted me to hide except she never closed her eyes, never counted past 5 and would literally follow me to my hiding spot and stand there and wait for me to shout boo.  But then she would jump out of her skin and laugh when I shouted even though she watched me hide.  And then when it was her turn to hide I would show her we had to close our eyes and count but she would just stand in front of me and refuse to move.  So then I would take her to her room and try to show her to hide behind the door, but then she said it was my turn to hide again, and so the cycle went.  We did this for about a half an hour and it was a pure comedy show.  She may not have any idea what she is doing, but I got a lot of laughs out of it and we did something together that didn’t involve electronics, so just go ahead and hand me the Mother of the Year trophy now!

Quick side-note:  The best part of playing this game was the fact that I really needed to get saline drops sprayed up into her nostrils since she has a cold, so I would literally just put my hands over her eyes and say “OK, time to count before I hide!” and then spray the shit out of her without complaint.  It was wonderful.

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