1. When the puzzle pieces are missing from the puzzles.  Charlotte lost her zebra piece to her zoo animals puzzle and I have searched high and low for this damn zebra as she shouts at me “wha happened to zebra?”  Except she pronounces it more like za-bra and that’s annoying.  But I can’t find the stupid zebra and puzzle pieces that go missing make me nuts.
  2. When Charlotte asks me for an egg (or any food item really) and then I present her with an egg (or any food item requested) and she tells me NO WANT IT.  What is the logic here?
  3. When just one of her socks go missing.  Maybe they are with the missing puzzle pieces?  Maybe the zebra and the pink sock I can’t find are living a happy life outside of my messy home.
  4. When she rips pages out of her books for no reason other than the sheer need for her to destroy things and then I have to tape the pages back in but it never looks right again and my book loving soul weeps.
  5. When I am playing play doh with her and I make something very cool and I show her and she smashes it and says “no mama – make ball.”  Because that’s all we care about is rolling the play doh into balls so she can throw them instead of the beautiful pink glitter hot dog I made her.
  6. When I really need to help her brush her teeth but she refuses to let me and just keeps chanting I DO IT I DO IT I DO IT and really no actual brushing is getting done and instead she is just sucking toothpaste off.
  7. When she finds the router behind the TV even when we try to hide it (don’t tell us to put it up higher we have tried that and the cord isn’t long enough!) and she pushes the button which makes the lights flash green and red and she shouts the colors and then I never know if my phone is connected to the wi-fi and I use all of my data plan and have to pay overage charges all because my daughter likes to make the router lights flash colors.
  8. When she decides it’s been too long since she’s seen my “nummy nums” and tries to pull them out in public or at the dinner table in front of my grandparents.
  9. When she decides that all of the coloring books and scrap pieces of paper I give her for her crayons are useless pieces of trash and it’s SO MUCH BETTER to just draw on her toy box or her play kitchen.
  10. When she is taking a bath and decides that it would be really fun to act like a beluga wall and crash her body down into the water and send all of it flying onto my body and the bathroom floor looks like flooded street.


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