My mom texted me this morning saying that Charlotte was getting mad because she wants “more sing” and “Goopy” had finished his song on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  As if my mom could go into the TV and change the story line.  This got me to thinking of all the other ridiculous shit that has set Charlotte off because she is a toddler and this is how it goes at this age I guess?  My friend always tells me the stuff her son does and follows it up with #ToddlerLogic.  So I’m putting together a little list of Charlotte’s recent meltdowns from her #ToddlerLogic and I’d really love it if you would share some of yours so that I know I’m not alone!

  • The other night at bedtime Charlotte threw herself on the floor and screamed like she was laying in a flow of hot lava because her pajamas didn’t fit my body.  I would try to put them on her and she would say “no mama wear!” and then when she tried to put the shirt over my head and couldn’t do it she lost her damn mind.  Sorry I can’t fit into 2T clothes Charlie girl.  I’m lucky I fit into what I do now.
  • She asked me for the finger song, (which if you’ve never heard before, please don’t ever put it on.  It is torture music.  TORTURE.) and I put the finger song on her for her but I guess it wasn’t the version she preferred so even though “mommy finger, mommy finger, where are you? was blaring through the car speakers she was wailing in the back seat MORE FINGER MORE FINGER even though the finger was PLAYING.
  • She asked me for mac and cheese so I made it and gave it to her and she looked at me and screamed NO WANT IT and then when I said what do you want she said mac and cheese.  And this is how my journey to the insane asylum begins.
  • She got really offended that the bubbles in the bath tub were popping when she was trying to eat them.  She was squishing them with her finger and screaming “no bubble no go” and then I tried to calmly explain that the bubbles will always pop and she said “stop it now mama.”  And this is why I drink.

Happy Friday my friends!  Although if you have kids what the hell is the difference AM I RIGHT?

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