Man oh man did Eric and I have the best weekend.  We went to the Borgata in Atlantic City on Friday and then my mom kept Charlotte on Saturday night too so we could get an extra night baby free.  It was our first full weekend away from her and can I just say, WHEN CAN WE DO IT AGAIN?  I’m kidding.  I missed her a lot but we needed this badly and then last night she was up at 2 AM again ruining our lives sooooo everything is back to normal.  Yay?

On Friday when we got to the hotel Eric went to play poker and I ordered tomato soup and grilled cheese with fries to my room and I sat in bed alone and ate all of my food and drank champagne and watched TV and THEN I TOOK A NAP and then I got a manicure and oh my god was it the best.  We had an amazing dinner at Bobby Flay Steak and after that we just had many cocktails, enjoyed the live bands and lost money.  Saturday morning we went to the buffet because we care about our summer bodies, and then Eric went to play more poker (spoiler alert: he lost) and I went to the Tanger outlets (spoiler alert: I won) and then we drove home.  I went to bed around 10 and I slept like the dead until 8 AM.  It was amazing.

And then yesterday we headed to my grandma’s to get Charlotte and holy shit you guys the terrible twos are WAY worse than I thought.  But that’s another post for another day.  I just wanted to check in and tell you all how much fun Eric and I had and that it is super important for moms and dads to get some time away from their spawn because they really just suck out our energy and our souls and our life, am I right?  But we love them!!  Just not at 2 AM.

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