So we may not be getting the city crippling blizzard like they predicted (way to go weathermen, way to go) but we’re all home from work, school is out and ALL OF THE FOOD IS BEING CONSUMED!!!!!

And you wanna know what else?! Charlotte Shea Schwartz woke up at 11 PM to cry for a few minutes (stop doing that child!!!) BUT THENNNNN she slept until 8 AM and she’s currently napping for close to 2 hours. WHAT THE WHAT. 

Like I’m on the couch in pajamas watching Chopped feeling, dare I say, rested? Not full of energy mind you, because I’ll never have that, but I definitely don’t feel the soul crushing exhaustion of days gone by. If the snow day caused this miracle I will continue to take them. Huzzah!!!! 

I should stop eating though because I’m nauseous and really just eating out of boredom at this point. Send help. 

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