Charlie girl had her two year doctor visit yesterday and the girl was a CHAMP.  I had so much anxiety going to this appointment because her 18-month visit was such a disaster and scarred me for a while, mostly because I didn’t get to see my favorite pediatrician and also because they botched her flu shot so she was bruised for over a week.  Anyway, this time Eric was with me and we saw our favorite doctor at the practice so at least I had those two things going for me.  They did her height and weight first and I was ready to get emotional because it was the first visit where she stood on a regular scale and they did her height against the wall.  All prior visits were done on the baby scale with no clothes and laying down on a sheet of paper with a pen to measure her.  THOSE DAYS ARE GONE.  She’s 26.6 pounds (my mother will refute this claim since she weighed her a week or so ago and she was 28.2 pounds, so my daughter either has an easier time losing weight than I do or one of the scales is not correct) and she is 34 inches tall.  So in two years she has gained about 20 pounds and grew 14 inches.  Her head is still tiny as shit though but her growth chart is fine.  The doctor then let us ask her any questions before she started her exam which I always think is the nicest thing she does.  I asked why Charlotte has to put her feet on my nipples all the time and the doctor was cracking up.  It’s nothing to worry about, she’s just a weird kid.  Then Char sat on Eric’s lap for the exam and she was SO GOOD.  Not to toot our horn, but the doctor even commented on how wonderful she was being.  And then it came time for the blood work, the real source of my anxiety.  But the nurse cut her finger and we didn’t even realize she did it because all Charlotte said was “ouch” in a deadpan voice.  She just watched the nurse collect her blood in the tube and really only cried when she stopped bleeding and needed a band aid.  Who is this kid?  It was the best doctor’s visit!

Honestly if you’ve read all of this I thank you.  Posts like this aren’t really meant to be funny or even all that interesting, but more of a way for me to keep track of her life so I can go back and remember.  Kind of like her baby book in a way.  Because Lord knows I stopped filling that shit out a long time ago.

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