Sometimes the best things about being a mom that make my heart full aren’t the big things.  They’re just the little moments every day that remind me how lucky I am to have my girl and my life.  Here are just a few.

  • The spontaneous hugs and kisses.  When she takes me and Eric by the hand and says “mama dada kiss” and pushes our faces together.  And then she laughs as she tries to kiss us as the same time.
  • When she giggles uncontrollably pretending to wake me and Eric up from “sleep.”  And then says “MORE MORE!” and keeps laughing until she gets the hiccups.
  • When she tries to eat food with her feet.  Yesterday she put pretzels between her toes and made me help her bring her foot to her mouth.  I laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes.
  • When she wakes up and says HI MAMA in the cutest voice still quiet with sleep.  And then when we snuggle while she has her milk in the dark before we really wake up and start the day.
  • Watching her play by herself or play with her friends.  Seeing how her mind is putting things together is amazing to me.
  • The way she says “cawpee” for coffee and “Goopy” for Goofy.
  • The way she is finally saying “ank yoo” after I give her something without me having to tell her to say thanks.

I love this girl of mine.

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