Well yesterday’s weather really buried us out in Queens.  I am pretty sure we hit a foot of snow yesterday after enjoying 65 degree temps the day before.  So climate change is fun.  Anywayssssss, my office was closed so I got to spend the entire day home with my toddler.  YAY SNOW DAY. (Sarcasm inserted.)

It is truly a wonderful thing to have a neighbor so close to enjoy these times.  Her son is only a few weeks younger than Charlotte is and they absolutely love each other.  She came over yesterday at 6:50 AM and the kids played together while we made breakfast for ourselves.  It is SO cute watching these two play without constant supervision now.  They call each other by their names now and it makes me smile just thinking of it.  Charlotte taught him how to climb into her crib and at one point they just piled toys inside of it and played together in the crib for close to 20 minutes.  This is what dreams are made of people.  Hanging out with your friend while you mutually ignore your children and enjoy some hot coffee.

We parted ways after 4 hours of playtime and time killing solidarity so the kids could nap.  Charlotte gave me a solid hour and a half of alone time.  I had grand plans to clean my entire house but after I did my kitchen I gave up because really, who gives a shit?  I surfed the internet and stared outside the window cursing the snowfall and watching our neighbor’s tree slowly fall down.  After she woke up she wanted to watch Mickey, because of course she did.  I tried to put on Zootopia so we could both enjoy something but we didn’t even get past the opening credits before she demanded I take it off.  When is this kid going to want to watch a movie with me?  Isn’t that what snow days are for?!  MOVIES AND FOOD.  So we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, again, and I tried not to gouge my eyes out with a dull knife.  Toodles is really starting to get to me you guys.

Then I bundled her up to go over to my neighbor for the second portion of our solidarity snow day time kill.  This was a production.  Charlotte was not feeling it, I was sweating, boots were flying.  She called her mittens hand socks though, and that made me laugh out loud.  She wouldn’t wear the hand socks.  The second we stepped outside she shouted “NO COLD! NO!” and refused to even step foot on the snowy sidewalk.  I don’t blame her because I hate this shit too.  She is her mother’s daughter.

It was the best day, mostly because she had a playmate for most of it.  But we played games and read books together and watched a shit ton of Toodles.  She’s a fun little gal.

Although I wouldn’t mind a snow day with nothing but naps, wine & Netflix every now and again, if I’m being honest.

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