When we go over shapes with Charlotte she has a nice little routine.  We do circle, triangle, square, heart, star.  She says them, we draw them.  To her, all of the shapes have to be lumped together.  You can’t just draw a circle and then not follow through with the rest.  When there is one shape, the rest must follow. (She also says them all in the most adorable way that I can’t recreate through words alone, so I must try to get a video to upload at some point.)

Anyway, when I was getting dressed the other morning Charlotte noticed the tiny star tattoo I have on my hip that I got when I turned 18 and forget that I have 99% of the time.  She pointed to it and started screaming STAR STAR!  And then she looked up at me, all confused, and started to look at the rest of my body. “Circle? Mama, circle?”

She thought I had the rest of the shapes on my body somewhere.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

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