I SLEPTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. CHAR SLEPTTTTTTTTTT. Last night we went from 7:15-6:15 with only one stupid pop-up at 3 AM for a couple of minutes and we SLEPT.  I got to have my coffee this morning while she was still asleep! THIS IS GLORIOUS NEWS AND I AM SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS.  It is amazing what a decent night of sleep can do for your mental state, especially when you’re ready to fall over and die from a lack of it.  Please let this be a continuing pattern sweet sleep gods.  I beg you.

But, of course, when one thing goes right another thing goes wrong.  We’re on a hunger strike now, so that’s fun.  I wish I had her willpower not to eat to be honest.  I would love to spit macaroni across the room with no problem.  Sometimes when I ask her to eat something for dinner she looks at me as if I’m asking her to grow wings and fly.

This kid is getting seriously funny.  Not in a way where you are thinking, awww she’s so cute, but in a way where you are laughing out loud because she is funny.  When she wants something she makes sure you know it, and when she doesn’t want something she really makes sure you know it.  Last night I was singing to her while she was in my lap, and every time I opened my mouth to sing she would put her hand over my mouth and yell, NO MAMA.  And then she would laugh.  And I’d try to sing again and she would cover my mouth and then gave me an exasperated sigh and said, NO MAMA. NO.  The look in her eyes was like she wished she could say “I am tired of your shit.”  And now every night when I tell her it’s time for a story and bed, she runs away from me and starts doing her booty shaking dance, because she knows it is the perfect distraction technique and makes me laugh.  And she’ll keep doing it over and over and I’ll say “show me your moves!” and she does it faster and I laugh and laugh and before I know it 10 minutes has passed and she’s tricked me into delaying bed time.  She’s a smart one.

I can’t even believe she is almost 2. It is so crazy to think that we are thiiiis close to her 2nd birthday.  Where is the time going?  You would think it would be slower since we’ve spent more hours together awake than asleep, but it’s gone by in the blink of an eye.  My almost 2 year old, I love you so.

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