On Sunday at 4:45 PM, Charlotte Shea Schwartz got her first fever.  I will say we had a good run.  Almost two years and no sickness. Hashtag blessed, am I right?


Her fever was 101.5 and she had a cough and a runny nose but nothing crazy.  We gave her medicine and her fever never went back up over 99, so thank goodness for that.  But she has been a disaster at night.  A disaster like no other.  It would make sense that her first illness would screw up her sleeping.  I know this is a common nonoccurence when kids get sick.  They feel shittier at night and therefore they are awake, and since Charlotte’s sleep gets disturbed if the day ends in Y, of COURSE she would be a disaster.  Honestly, I think that since Sunday Eric and I have gotten maybe a combined total of 7 hours of sleep between the two of us.  We are drowning here.  She at least slept in her crib on Sunday from 6:30-10:30.  But then she was up until almost 2 AM with me in the living room acting like it was morning.  And then last night shit really hit the fan because she screamed in her crib for AN HOUR before she went to sleep for a whopping 37 minutes and then was up again.  So Eric and I just put her in our bed because she’s sick and what the hell else are we supposed to do?  But then she just kept tossing and turning and moaning every 20 minutes and while part of me felt bad for her because she was clearly very uncomfortable, another part of me felt bad for me and Eric because MY GOD HAVE WE NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH. So then I tried to sleep on the couch because I had work and Eric tried to get her to relax but then all I heard was MAMA MAMA MAMA and then she was up in the living room by 1 AM watching TV and spitting Motrin at us.  She was up until 4 AM.  God, please save us.  PLEASE.  We have sleep trained this child more times than anyone should sleep train anything and now I’m afraid we’re just going to have to do it all over again.

There isn’t enough coffee in the whole damn world to get me through this day.

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