Kids games can get super boring. Really, how many times can you color with a toddler before you get enraged that the page is full of random scribbles and the amount of time you spent coloring in the entire Christmas tree has now been replaced with a giant blotch of black crayon? Or is that just me? Ok then. 

Anyway, I like to come up with creative games with Charlotte to make the time go faster and get us to our ultimate goal of bedtime. I mean, to create a fulfilling mother and child bond. 

One game she likes to play is take all of mommy’s jewelry out of her armoire and throw it inside the laundry hamper. Then after that we take all of the jewelry out of the hamper and she makes me stand in it and then put her in it too. And then after that we get out and she rolls it around the floor and throws the dirty clothes everywhere. It’s so fun!

Our favorite game right now though is called “put me inside the laundry bag, close it up and swing me around!” It sounds violent and kind of like kidnapping, but she loves it so we do it. I put the bag over my head and closed it to make sure it was a breathable fabric, and it is, so don’t call child services on me. 

And the last game we like to play is called “let me grab mommy’s glasses and run around the house with them while she chases me as I try to break them and then give up and throw them at her face.” Probably my favorite game. I highly recommend it. 

Kids are so fun!!! 

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