Lately I have been having a LOT of people asking me when Charlotte is going to get a baby brother or sister.  And then I laugh so hard in their face that I almost pee myself.  Want to know why that dream is far from a reality?

Because on Saturday when we went to visit my friends who have a 3 month old and a 2 month old Charlotte picked up a ball and tossed it right into the rock and play which held the sleeping baby and it landed on his head.  And then when I said Charlotte, do you want to see the baby? She shouted NO and then tried to rub his head anyway and stick her fingers in his eyes.  And then she gave the babies toys to the dog.

And then at home she flips over furniture and climbs on toy boxes and still surprises us with asshole sleeping patterns, so could you imagine throwing a newborn into that mix?  GET THE F OUT OF HERE.

Uterus is closed.  Not opening for years.  No more questions.

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