Charlotte has this ride on Frozen themed toy that is one of her favorite toys.  She enjoys pressing the buttons to make the same songs play over and over again and she also enjoys riding it around the house in the manner in which it was designed.  HOWEVER, because she is a maniac, she has come up with new ways in which to use this toy.

Last night when we were playing in her room, she decided she wanted to put the toy inside of her toy box and then climb in and sit on it that way.  Easy enough and not too dangerous.  She tried to put the car in the toy box herself, which is problematic considering she’s only 21 months old, but I put it in and let her do it.  And then that got boring, and shit got interesting.

I’m not sure how her little mind works, but she then decided it was time to take the car out, close the toy box lid and request that I put the car on TOP of the toy box.  And then once that was done, she asked me to pick her up to put her on the car.  Which was now on top of the toy box.  So, because I am Mother of the Year 2016, I put her on it, just because I wanted to see what her next move was and because I was holding her firmly.  She, of course, wanted to ride the toy off the side of the toy box Thelma and Louise style.  And, because I am still Mother of the Year 2016, I held onto the car while she did this as she shouted WEEEEEEEE.  I should have known she would have wanted to do this another 57 times, and I then decided it was too dangerous and told her no, and then she hit me.  So then I hit her back (not hard), and so began the Great War of the Toy Box Cliff Dive of 2016.  And my Mother of the Year card was revoked.

And that, my friends, is how you turn your toddler into the Master of Disaster.  By letting her do shit like this.  I should get a medal really.

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