Good morning from Disney’s Grand Floridian Disney Vacation Club Villas! It is currently 5:45 AM and Char went back to her usually 5:30 wakeup because we can’t always have nice things. She’s currently watching Mickey cartoons and playing with the toilet cleaner brush while I stare at the coffee pot willing it to go faster. 

We are having the best time!!! On Sunday we went to the Animal Kingdom. We went on the safari where Charlotte was more interested in my camera than the animals around us. She did get to go on her first ride though, the Triceratops Spin and she really loved it. What we’ve noticed about her throughout these past few days is that whenever she is on a ride or watching a show she gets very focused and really takes it all in. She won’t sit there and smile but she’ll stare and look at every single thing. And then she’ll clap and say more.  Sunday night we went to Disney Springs and she went to sleep in her stroller and then refused to sleep in the pack and play so she slept in the big bed with me and Eric. For such a small person she takes up a lot of space.

Monday we went to Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival. We took Charlotte on Finding Nemo and Journey Into Imagination. After the Imagination ride there’s a big play lab and she spent 10 min running with lots of other kids.  She ended up at the bottom of a child pile on at one point and as Eric was digging her out I thought she would be crying but she had the biggest smile on.  She also met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Daisy. She isn’t afraid of any of them and she gave them all kisses and waved bye and I could have died from the cuteness. While we enjoyed the food and drinks at the festival she took a TWO. HOUR. NAP. It was glorioussssss. We also went on that friggin’ Frozen ride that replaced the beloved Maelstrom and got soaking wet even though nobody told us it was going to do that. I mean I had water in my mouth. It was unpleasant. 

Yesterday we went to the Magic Kingdom and it was so perfect.  We met Mickey again, went on rides, saw the Castle show and the end of the parade.  She took a shit nap yesterday so I would say she was the worst behaved she has been all week, but she really has been so, so good. She slept in the big bed again so I’m fully prepared for a revolution against bed time when we go home. Oh well, we’re on vacation!!!

Three more full days left! We are going to Universal today (HARRY POTTER!!!!) and the little beast is staying with my parents and tonight we’ll head over to the Boardwalk resort. Tired or not, I’m really having the greatest trip! 

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