You’re all tired of election posts.  I know, I get it.  I’m tired of them too.  I’m tired of the hatred and anger I see spewing from left and right.  I’m tired of seeing fear and loss of hope.  I’m tired.

So this isn’t an election post.  This is what I did the day after this election.

I kissed my daughter.  I went into the living room and put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I got ready for work.  I watched Charlotte climb on a chair that is meant for sitting, but because she thinks if she flips it over it magically becomes a slide.  I watched her scream her head off when I told her it wasn’t a slide and put it back the right way.  I tickled her chubby belly, kissed her goodbye and went to work.

I got on the train, I went to my office, I sat at my desk.  I ate my breakfast and my lunch.  I ate a lot, because I was stress eating and PMSing at the same time which is why 7 tootsie rolls disappeared in 30 seconds from the office candy bowl.  I talked to my family and friends.  I looked up first Disney visit welcome packages for Charlotte to be delivered to our room on Saturday and then saw they were $88 dollars with shipping and cursed them for being so expensive.

I went home and picked up my baby girl and kissed her all up.  I made dinner for Eric, ate a ball of burrata cheese myself, fought with Charlotte over her dinner hunger strikes.  I gave her a bath, read her a story, put her into bed without a fuss.

I put on CNN and saw everyone screaming at each other, so I turned it off.  I ate half of a cannoli chipwich, which was delicious and rich and good LORD I need to stop eating everything.  I cleaned the bathroom, changed some light bulbs, went over my packing list for Florida.  I took a shower and I went to bed.

You see, the world keeps on turning.

The world didn’t end.  My day was pretty much exactly the same as any other day.  Yes, I understand why people are hurt, angry & afraid.  No, I do not take those feelings away from you.  Yes, I understand people are jubilant and feel the need to gloat.  I, myself, am in the middle.  I do not know what the next four years holds.  I cannot predict the future.  None of us can.  So please, take it one day at a time.  Voice your opinions without hatred.  Feel your feelings.  Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t feel what you feel.

But just take it one day at a time.  That’s all any of us can do.

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