Oh goddddddd daylight savings was a shit show.  As expected, Charlotte woke up yesterday morning at 3:10 AM.  She took her one and only nap at 10 AM, and by 5 PM was an absolute nightmare of a child.  Keeping her up those two hours until bedtime was such a challenge because 1) she was exhausted and 2) we were just as exhausted.  At one point I took her entire toy bin in the living room and dumped it on the floor.  There were toys everywhere.  Balls flying, Disney figures being thrown, the whole shebang.  And the darkness at 5 made it seem like it was soooo much later and I was ready for bed even before she was.  Today she woke up at 3:40 and I let her scream her little head off in her crib for over a half an hour until she fell back asleep until 5:45, which IS STILL TOO DAMN EARLY IF YOU ASK ME.

Thank goodness we’re going to Disney the week AFTER this clock falling back nonsense, because if we were there right now it would be a clusterfuck of exhaustion.  Not like it still won’t be a clusterfuck of exhaustion, but it may be slightly better than it is now.  ONE CAN HOPE.


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