Oh my god I have got to stop eating candy.  I’m eating egg whites right now to try and balance out the 5 million mini snickers and twix I have consumed since Monday night.  The best part about trick or treating with a toddler too young to consume the candy is that I get to eat all of that candy.  This is also the worst part of trick or treating with a toddler who is too young to consume the candy.  Mommy and Daddy are now overweight and probably diabetic.

Anywho, Monday night was so fun!  We went out in our neighborhood for a little over an hour with our little bumble bee and our neighbors and their little monkey.  We brought the stroller with us, mostly to use the 4 cup holders on it for the adult beverages we brought on our journey.  Life tip: the storage container under a stroller is the perfect place for a six pack and a bottle of wine hidden under a baby blanket.  I am winning at this parenting thing.

Charlotte got the hang of trick or treating really fast.  She would climb up the steps and then try to ring the bell herself or start to pound on the door with her little fists.  She would continue to stand there and pound on the door whether or not anyone answered.  She tried to make a run for it numerous times, but I don’t know what else I expected when there are literally hordes of children walking around free and she just wants to be in on the action.  We went back home when it started to get too cold and dark and she helped Eric hand out candy to any stragglers left over before bedtime.  Eric also let her have her first lollipop.  I should have filmed her reaction.  Her eyes bulged out of her head and she started shouting MORE MORE MORE.  Mommy took it away though, because I’m a bitch like that.  But really I just didn’t want her to be on a sugar high and not go to sleep.  Before bed we read The Night Before Halloween for the millionth time and out she went.  It was such a fun night!

This morning my babysitter told me that yesterday she stood by the door numerous times and banged on it with her hands out.  I guess she assumes knocking on any doors will result in people giving you candy.  Kids are funny.

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