We are less than a month away from our big family trip to Disney!  I am getting seriously excited because I haven’t been to Disney World in four years (I went to Disneyland two years ago, but that doesn’t count), and as a serious Disney girl who has gone like 25 times or something close to it, I am readdddddy.  And I am even more excited to bring my little Charlie girl for her first trip!  She is all about Mickey (her favorite phrase lately is MORE MICKEY MORE MICKEY) and I hope she is as excited in front of the real live Mickey Mouse as she is in front of the iPad Mickey Mouse.  Memories await!

With that being said, we have yet to take a trip of such magnitude with the little diva.  So, seasoned parent travelers out there, what are your best tips and tricks  for traveling with little ones?  I have benadryl and my boob ready for the plane rides, but are there any other things that could help with her first experience on a plane?  I’m going to load up the iPad with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Maya the Bee episodes in case she doesn’t sleep.  We have a 6:50 AM flight so I’m hoping an early wake-up and drugs will knock her out at some point.  But any other tips are greatly appreciated!

Char is pretty much on a schedule of sleeping by 7-7:30 every night, which is a schedule that will be broken the week of vacation.  Anything I should know about breaking her schedule?  I figure she can just fall asleep in her stroller when we’re out at night, or she can run around until she passes out from exhaustion at some point.  Either or!  We scheduled most of our dinners on the earlier side, and I plan on just bringing pajamas with me to throw on her while we’re out later.  There will be no bed times in Disney!  (God help us when she wakes up at the ass crack of dawn though!)

I am getting soooooooo excited.  A little nervous, but more excited than anything.

Watch her hate everything and cry.


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