On Thursday nights I drive to my parents house in Staten Island and Char and I stay over because my mom watches her for us on Fridays.  She’s got her own room there with a crib and toys and the whole shebang.  My mom bought her this book of animals that you can lift the little tabs and it sits on the end table near the bed in her room.  Every Friday morning, without fail, Char wakes up (she slept later than I did today, WOOP WOOP), grabs the book and starts her day.  This morning she sat in my lap, opened the book to her favorite page that has a beehive, lifted the tab with the bees and said BEE. And then she started counting them.  “One, two, five.”  Needs some work, but still.  She even points to each bee as she counts.  Then she takes the book, and it’s a big book so it’s pretty comical watching her walk with it, and goes in my mom’s room to wake her up and go in the bed with her to read more.

These are the moments that make my heart melt.  And it makes up for all the TV I let her watch. 😉

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