When Charlotte drinks her bottle and someone is holding her, she likes to rub their ear or pinch their arm.  She gets really relaxed and just likes to feel someone’s skin.  She always rubs Eric’s earlobes and she’s pinched my mother hard enough to leave bruises.  My little cousins like to pinch, and my nephew always liked to play with people’s hair to relax, so this is normal behavior for her.  However, she does not do this when I am the one giving her a bottle.

She is still nursing (I knowwwwwwww).  We have been doing great with limiting it to once a day but now she’s going through some sort of nursing regression and I’m struggling with it, but I decided not to do anything drastic until we get home from Florida next month.  I think that nursing her on the plane will help immensely and even in Disney if she starts to have a meltdown, nursing always gets her back on track.  It’s weird to a lot of people since she’s no longer a baby, but whatever.  If I get dirty looks I’ll just squirt my boob in their face.  Anyway, I am still able to trade in the boob for the bottle with her most times, except she HAS to put her hands down my shirt and squeeze them.  Every. Damn. Time.  So even if I am not nursing in public, I’m being felt up by my toddler, which isn’t much better.

Rewind to Tuesday afternoon.  I got home early from work and our co-op has been blasting the heat lately and I was not having any of that because I hate heat I can’t control.  I called up the office to ask them to come check out the radiator in our bedroom because it kept leaking water if I tried to turn the heater off.  So, the maintenance guy comes and I go into my room with him and Charlotte was with Eric, but she started to freak out and had to come stay with me while this guy fixed the leaky heater.  I guess she was nervous around the stranger, so she started to shove her hands down my shirt.  At this point, the guy fixes it and asks me to sign the paperwork to say he was there and resolved the problem.  So now here I am, holding Charlotte, who has BOTH hands down my shirt and is squeezing my nipples like they are stress balls, and I have to sign this paperwork.  This man basically ran out of my house.

I can’t wait to take pictures in Disney.  It’ll be Eric, Mickey, and me holding Charlotte with her hands down my shirt.  Family fun for all.

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