Eric and I took Charlotte to the Queens County Farm Museum by our house yesterday to go pumpkin picking as a family for the first time.  We were supposed to go on Sunday but Mother Nature had other ideas and rained on our parade.  The pumpkins are thrown about in a huge field and it’s free entry, you just have to pay for your pumpkin based on the size.  Charlie girl was a little hesitant at first and wasn’t too keen on the hay that was everywhere, but soon enough she was shouting PUNKIN PUNKIN and picking up the small ones and throwing them around, as one does.  We picked three small pumpkins to bring home and spent some time walking around the farm grounds.  We went to the petting zoo, which was a nightmare.  Firstly, because she kept asking to see the elephants and there obviously are no elephants at the Queens County Farm, and secondly, because the hordes of children screaming and lifting up the poor animals was slightly frightening.  Eric and I kept wondering if these animals were drugged, because if they weren’t I’m pretty sure half of them died of a heart attack before the day was done.  The signs clearly said “Do not pick up the baby animals!” but of course nobody listened.  I saw guinea pigs being flung into the air.  Not really a peaceful Columbus Day for those animals if you ask me.

It’s so fun to do things like this with Charlotte now.  She’s so aware of everything around her and actively participates.  Except for Halloween.  She won’t be actively participating in that, because I already tried her costume on her and she screamed and screamed and tried to rip it off.  And it’s not even that bad of a costume, it’s just a friggin’ dress.  #CharHatesAllTheNiceThings.

Oh well.  She can go trick or treating in a jacket for all I care.  One way or another, I’m eating her candy.

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