Yesterday we spent the day at Eric’s parents house for Rosh Hashana.  My nephews were there — one is 5 and the other is going to be 16 months.  You would think that Char would have a field day with the younger one since they are so close in age.

She spent the evening (except for the times she was throwing epic tantrums like a screaming banshee) wrestling with the 5 year old as violently as she could.  If the little guy was around she just pushed him out of the way to continue attacking the 5 year old.  She was laughing harder than I’ve heard her laugh in a while.  The closer she was to getting flung into a wall, the happier.  She would launch herself at him and they would roll over.  She would grab him by the shirt and climb onto his back.  The two of them were giving me and my sister-in-law a heart attack and yet they were having the time of their lives.

So basically, my daughter loves Pete, hates dresses and hair bows, and enjoys wrestling like a member of the WWE.  Lord give me strength.

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