Last night when I got home I parked my car across the street from my house and when I closed the door I heard Charlotte crying.  The type of crying that I know has been going on for a while, where she can’t catch her breath and the tears are rolling down her face.  I started to call her name as I raced up the path and saw her tear streaked face in the window, still crying hard and strong.  I walked in the door and asked what was wrong as she came up to me.  Eric looked aggravated beyond belief when he told me she had been crying like this for half an hour.  Want to know why?

Because he put the purple cap on her bottle instead of the blue cap.  He couldn’t find the blue cap because she did it somewhere, and she would not drink her bottle with the purple cap on it.  She was screaming for the bottle, that was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER, but refused to put it to her lips with a purple cap on it.  I took an old cap out of the dishwasher and quickly washed it and she had her bottle in my lap completely fine once the blue cap was in place.


Poor Eric.  We’ll never understand toddlers.  Never.

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