How many of you out there are LOVING this weather?  Fall has finally arrived and I am in my glory!  This weekend was PERFECTION.  Warm enough in the sun that you don’t need a jacket, cool and breezy at night.  I am just in heaven.  It is the perfect weather for outdoor activities with little Mussolini.

On Saturday Eric and I took Charlie girl to the Queens County Farm where they had this impressive fair going on.  I had never been to the Queens County Farm, and it was only about 10 minutes from our place and I am SO happy we went.  The farm is beautiful and they have seasonal produce stands, a museum, and tons of events during the year.  This fair had a corn maze, a band with a beer garden, another band in the center of all the food stands, a carnival with games and rides, a petting zoo, pig races, pony rides, colonial cooking demonstrations, marching bands and pie eating contests.  We stayed for close to three hours and Charlotte was in her stroller for almost the whole time WITHOUT complaint!  She throws a mondo fit going into the stroller, but we were able to walk around with her, let her out and then put her back in without any problems.  Perhaps I’ve won the stroller war?  She went on two pony rides, danced to the music, watched the pig races, ran around by the petting zoo and just enjoyed being outside.  We really had the best day.  The farm is open year round so I think we will definitely take her back there, especially when we can go pumpkin picking.

Yesterday I was able to go on a walk with her for close to an hour without any major tantrum filled disruptions and later on in the afternoon Eric and I took her to the playground close to us to kill some time and let her run around.  There were a lot of kids there and they were all much older, but she was right in there playing with them.  The second we get to the playground and put her down she always gets really excited and starts stamping her feet and running.  I love how kids interact with each other.  They have no fear or judgments (well, except for the Korean boy who told this other kid he wasn’t allowed to play soccer on their team because he wasn’t full Korean, but that kid was just an asshole if you ask me) and they just say whatever they want and play however they want without worrying about how they look.  Charlotte was playing with two kids who were 5 years old and she loved every second of it.  At one point this little girl told me to sit down and relax because she had Char.  She took her over by the slide to play – it was adorable.  When we were getting ready to leave her brother said, “don’t go home!  She’s so cute you can just leave her here!”  I love kids.

This weather puts me in the best mood and makes me want to be outside all the time until winter comes and forces us indoors.  The only downside to the weather and having all the windows open (NO MORE AC THANK YOU JESUS MY WALLET THANKS YOU TOO) is that Charlotte is sneezing up a storm.  Eric has been stuffed up too, so I’m thinking its allergy related and not sickness related.  I HOPE.  I’m not prepared for a sick toddler.  Especially not a sick toddler with an attitude like hers!

Also, her new favorite thing to say is, “oh come on ma!”  It was funny the first few times, and now it just sounds like she is yelling at me all the time, which she is.

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