Charlotte is at the age now where she thinks everything that she sees and wants is hers.  Last week when we went to dinner there was a table with 5 kids and she walked over to them like a little social butterfly and then took one of the kids Abby Cadabby dolls from him and said, “mine.”  I took it away from her numerous times and explained it wasn’t hers and that we have to share.  I got her Pete figure to bring over to the kids to explain how sharing works.  She doesn’t get it, but I’m trying.  One of the moms at that table told me she’s still too young to grasp the concept but that she’ll get it soon enough.  I’m hoping that with gymnastics and me constantly explaining how to share she’ll pick it up sooner rather than later, because nobody likes the kid who doesn’t share.

Want to know who she has no problem sharing with?  Spanky.  The dog.  This morning she shared Spanky’s breakfast with him, and then she shared her toothbrush with him.  Then she shared his water bowl.  Then she put the toothbrush in the water bowl and then shared it with him again.

I guess I have to be grateful she’s getting the lessons I’m trying to instill in her, even if it’s by eating dog food and having a communal toothbrush.

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