Charlie girl had her first gymnastics class yesterday! For her age group it’s not so much a structured gymnastics class but more of an hour of social play with gymnastics equipments and songs for the kids. My babysitter took her and she said that she had the best time. The teacher said that she is very strong, she was brace and adventurous but that she didn’t really feel like doing what the teacher was doing and instead felt like climbing up the slide and flinging herself off he ledge. The teacher said in the coming weeks she’ll learn how to participate more and follow the structure. HERE’S HOPING. 

I can’t wait to be able to take her to one of the classes and see her in action. It makes me sad that I can’t bring her every week, but I think it’s more important that she gets out there and explores even if I’m not the one bringing her. Someone has to pay for the registration fee!

My babysitter sent me a bunch of videos from the class and I’ll share them with you now. I’m so grateful she was able to document what she could and send them to me and Eric. She knows how hard it is that we can’t be the ones with her all the time and always makes us feel included.



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