Hey there!  I hope you all had a nice 3-day weekend!  I’m glad Hurricane Hermine decided to spare us in NY and gave us pretty decent weather.  My birthday was on Sunday and Saturday morning I left Charlotte by my parents house and enjoyed 24 glorious hours without her.  It was sooooooo needed, especially the way she has been sleeping/behaving/living in general.  Saturday afternoon I took a nap, watched TV, had some snacks without little fingers grabbing at me.  Eric and I went out to dinner and to a rooftop bar and tried our very hardest not to talk about Charlotte and just talk about everything else.  I’d say we were pretty successful.  It was so nice just to spend time with him and not worry about changing a diaper or chasing a toddler.  On Sunday we went to my grandma’s house, collected the little boobida who missed us very much and had a nice dinner with my family and my friend’s family.  Yesterday we went food shopping and had a BBQ with my neighbor and her fam so Charlotte and her son could run around and get tired before bedtime.  She still decided to have a screaming contest last night from 2:30-3AM though, so that was fun for all involved.

I was able to be off on Friday so my mom and I took Charlotte to my friend Briana’s so she could meet the new baby.  I’ve already met him and loved up on him, so it was time for Charlotte to get in on the action.  Charlotte is going to be an only child for the long foreseeable future.  When we got inside she went over to him and said “baby, baby” very cute and innocent, and she kissed him on the head, but then she decided she was more interested in trying to move their rock-a-roo at a faster pace with the baby inside of it.  Then she wasn’t too happy when I held the baby.  Then when we tried to get a picture of her “holding” the baby she started to push the baby away.  She also tried to pull his pants off.  Then when we tried to take a picture of me and the girls with her and the baby she screamed her head off and all we have is a photo of us laughing, baby Devin sleeping, and Charlotte looking like she’s on her way to the butchering block.  Man, kids are great.

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