Hiiiiiiii.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Eric had knee surgery on Wednesday so I was home with him being Florence Nightingale.  He’s on the mend though, and I’m back at work!  Charlotte was really happy that her dada brought home a cane for her to use as a new toy.  I know that she is my child and I may be biased, but sometimes she is just smarter than I give her credit for.  For example, Eric asked her if she could get him his cane, as a joke of course, but she went and got him his cane and brought it to him!  She did it again this morning when I told her it was time to wake him up and to bring him his cane.  She is too cute.

She’s been on a bit of a hunger strike lately and I think it’s because her two year molars are starting to swell.  She got all of her teeth so early, so it makes sense that the two year molars are coming in at almost 18 months.  I can’t wait until this kid has all of her teeth and we never have to deal with teething ever again.  I got her to eat cantaloupe ice for breakfast, which made me feel OK because all I did was blend up a super ripe cantaloupe and freeze it, so it’s basically just giving her fruit, right?  She will also always eat cheese no matter what.  My child indeed.

I busted out the chalkboard and magnetic easel she got as a birthday gift while I was home and she loves it so much.  She wakes up every morning now and heads straight for it.  Her favorite activity is to make me lay down on my stomach, sit on my back and then put the magnetic letters inside my clothes.  Then she makes me shake them out and we do it all over again.  I have no idea why she does this or where she learned it, but it lets me lay down so I let it happen.

The tantrums are out. of. control.  I don’t even know what to do because it can be so embarrassing when she starts to scream at the top of her lungs like a psychopath because of something she wants or doesn’t want.  Yesterday she wanted to climb up and down the steps at my cousin’s house and after 50 times of this, I was done climbing.  I took her off the steps and she started screaming and thrashing and crying so loud the entire house heard her.  She was a menace.  I try to distract her or just let her tire herself out, but nobody likes it when a kid is acting like an asshole, especially not her mother.  Lord help me as she gets older.

The last couple of days she has learned how to say “bear, pea, bean, bird and ma.”  Ma is my particular favorite because now sometimes instead of walking around going mama looking for me she starts to yell out MAAA and she sounds like she’s got a Brooklyn accent.  She also is calling peaches “pee-pees” which is also hilarious.  At Stop and Shop yesterday I pointed out the peaches and she looked at me and said “pee-pee?” and I laughed and said no they’re peaches and then she thought it was hilarious so she just kept shouting PEE-PEE throughout the produce section.  I love this age!


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