For anyone with a child, you know the blessing and the curse that is the car seat.  A blessing, of course, because it keeps your child out of the clutches of death in case of an accident.  A curse, of course, because sometimes getting them into that den of safety is like trying to bathe an angry cat.  There is kicking and screaming and squirming.  Charlotte has managed to flip herself out of the car seat as I’m desperately trying to strap her into it on more than one occasion.  I have gotten kicks to the face, hit with toys that I stupidly attempt to distract her with, and have had my ear drums nearly blown out because of the screaming.  So knowing and seeing the proof that other parents go through this is not only comforting, but hilarious.

Everyone, meet Noah.  If you haven’t watched this video, you really must.  Pennsylvania just made it a law to make all children under the age of 2 stay rear facing (sorry Pennsylvania parents with kids like Charlotte, that is quite difficult) so a local news station decided to do a segment with a 23-month old little boy and his mom.  And basically what ensues is pure madness that I think every single parent can relate to.

The best video EVER

I think my favorite part of this video is when his mom starts to yell, “I’M LOSING IT!” and then Noah decides he’s just going to stand in the driver’s seat with a shit eating grin on his face.  Or maybe when he’s basically upside down and the news guy asks if this is the appropriate way to sit.  I think Noah and Charlotte would be best friends.


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