Is there anything more frustrating than having your toddler try to tell you something but you can’t figure it out because they don’t have the words yet?  So they just sit there next to you and make various hand motions and scream out sounds and then get even more agitated when you can’t figure out what it is they are trying to say?  This is a daily struggle in our house now.  Last night we started singing our usual rotation of songs until Charlotte decided the ones I was singing weren’t good enough and she wanted something different.  She started twisting her hands and going “B! B! B!” and I could not, for the life of me, figure out what song she wanted.  Every time I would start up a different one she would scream NO NO NO NO NO and then continue twisting her hands and shouting B.  After a lot of tears and aggravation I finally figured out she wanted me to sing “The Wheels On The Bus” and that her hand twisting was supposed to be the wheels going round and round.  The look of relief on her face when I finally did what she wanted was comical.

And then we sang “The Wheels On The Bus” 75 million times until my voice was hoarse and my will to live was shredded.  The End.

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