Hey there!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  The weather was super meh, but hopefully you got some fun stuff done, even with the rain and humidity and general suckage that is New York in July.

Charlie girl had a busy weekend and learned a bunch of new stuff that I can brag about!  She also licked the bottom of her sneakers repeatedly though, so wonder kid she is not.  Friday afternoon my mom and I stopped at the mall because I needed more soap from Bath and Body Works.  I seriously cannot buy soap from any other store.  The colors of that place suck you right in.  And with soap names like Coconut Colada and Lemon Buttercream, how can I resist?  After that we went to Charming Charlie (Charlie went to Charming Charlie, hee hee) and the child ran around that place like it was her own personal jungle gym.  After that we picked my dad up from the train after his work trip and we went out for dinner.  She ate cheese as a component to her every meal on Friday.  I’m raising this one right.

Saturday we headed up to a pool party.  Charlotte thankfully fell asleep on the way there, but woke up with 35 minutes left to go in the ride.  I put on the DJ Shuffle playlist on my Apple Music to occupy her, but then my signal crapped out and I had to sing the DJ Shuffle song by myself.  If you’ve never heard that song, go ahead and listen to it, and then laugh yourself silly imagining me singing that to amuse her.  Char went in the pool (up to her waist, because I would only go in so far, I am not putting a bathing suit on in front of coworkers) and ran around the house until she tired herself out, at which point we traveled home and she slept in the car until she woke up, in traffic, with her head stuck under the head rest because her dumb mother (me) had it put up on too high of a setting.  I had to put the car in park to fix it.  WOOPSIES.

Yesterday we had a lazy family day and went food shopping.  Yesterday we worked really hard on all of our animal noises.  As of right now, almost every animal makes the MOO sounds, but we’re trying.  However, she tries to do the pig sound and I die laughing every. single. time.  She scrunches her nose up and then makes a noise like she’s choking.  I have attempted to take a video of it, but every single time she refuses to perform on command.  Ah well, at least I’ve got my memories.  The weekends are too short!  But then sometimes the days feel soooo long, especially when it’s raining and humid and you can’t do anything fun except go up and down the aisles of Stop and Shop shouting WEE WEE to try and make food shopping sound more like a game and less like a chore.


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