Helloooooo there.  I hope everyone had a good weekend even though it’s currently a fafillion degrees in New York.  It’s too hot to do anything if you ask me.  I am soooo not a summer gal.  Seriously looking forward to September/October when your skin no longer goes on fire when you step out the door.  Give me pumpkin spice everything with sweaters and boots, please and thank you.

I’ve been up since 4:26 AM, because even with moving Charlotte’s bedtime later, changing naps around and letting her run like a maniac to try and tire her out, she STILL wakes up when she damn well pleases.  I. AM. SO. TIRED.  She’s lucky she’s cute.  She wakes up talking now, and doesn’t stop talking until she goes to bed.  The first thing she says when she gets up is her repletion of MAMA DADA MAMA DADA until one of us goes to get her.  Then she asks for “num num” and when she’s done gives a great big HI.  It’s very cute, even if the sun has yet to wake up yet.  She’s saying new words everyday, and perfecting the words she does know.  When she wants to be picked up she looks up at you with her arms out and says “come, come!” When you ask her a question she says yea or no and she’s starting to use the correct word as her answers instead of just babbling.  This morning I asked if she wanted eggs and she said YEP YEP and when she was done she said no more.  She understands everything too, even if she can’t convey it through her own language.  I said to her yesterday to bring me my shoes and she walked over and brought them to me.  Then she got her shoes and said SHOE TOO.  Her little voice is adorable.  Perhaps the funniest thing she just started doing is when she puts my phone to her ear and starts babbling.  Last night she did this and her imaginary conversation went like this:

“HI. YEA YEA OK YEA YEP BABABOO YEP OK BYE.”  And then she hung up.  And by hung up I mean she threw my phone on the floor.  Thank goodness for screen protectors, am I right?  She even walked around the living room on her fake phone call like I usually do when I’m on the phone.  Early wake-ups or no, this kid keeps me entertained.

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