Charlie girl has never been one for car rides.  She’s pretty much hated it since the day we brought her home from the hospital.  Thankfully, she slept soundly on that trip, but any car ride after that was up in the air.  There were so many times that I had to pull over mid-drive to take her out of her car seat just to get her to relax.  I’ve nursed her on the side of the road more times than I care to admit.  Things have not changed the older she gets.  She’s starting to do some really amusing things in the car now, if by amusing I mean I want to scream just as loudly as she does.  I’m usually able to put on music that she likes to distract her enough to fall asleep, but if she isn’t tired I have to find the right music that fits her particular mood.  Yesterday we went to my grandmas house AFTER her second atrocious nap, and I knew she wasn’t going to be going to sleep again.  I put on Sesame Street, the Best of Elmo, Volume 1.  Every song that came on I could see her shake her head no in the rear view mirror, then start to scream NO NO NO until I changed the song.  After 5 or 6 Elmo selections and more animated screaming, I switched over to good old Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  NO NO NO NO NO.  Not even The Hot Dog song would persuade her to shut the F up.  So then I went to Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip.  NO NO NO NO NO.  She was kicking her mirror at this point in a fit of rage.  I found a playlist for Disney Junior and put on DJ Shuffle, which, if you have never heard it before, is infuriating.  Three seconds in she broke out into a wide grin, put her hands above her head and started clapping, and staring going YEA YEA YEA.  I really thought about pulling over because I was laughing so hard.  Girl knows what she wants when she wants it.

It stopped being funny after I had to listen to DJ Shuffle 8 times in a row though.

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