This morning Charlotte woke up at 4:15 like a true asshole, so I brought her to bed with me in the hopes that she would fall back asleep before I had to get up and get ready for work.  Like a true asshole, she messed around for a good half hour until she started to fall back asleep.  She took up my entire spot in bed, and I noticed she rolled over to put her arm around Eric’s neck.  I ended up at the bottom of the bed like a dog.  She woke up again about 20 minutes later and started to say hi to both of her exhausted parents, so I knew she was awake.  I figured I would get her up like I usually do and let Eric lay there until I had to leave for work.  When I went to grab her she swatted me away and said dada.  Repeatedly.  DADA DADA DADA.  Okay then kid, stay with your dada.  I got up and went to make coffee to pour down my throat or inject directly into my veins and I heard the both of them so I knew she got him up.  I went to get her to change her diaper and I said “come with mama so I can change you.”  And clear as day she retorted, “MAMA NOT DADA.”  So dada had to stay with her while I changed her because mama is not dada and this child runs the household.  Somebody is turning into a daddy’s girl.  Too bad daddy doesn’t have boobs because then I, mama who is certainly not dada, could sleep longer and HE could be the one to get up with her at 4:15 and feed her demanding ass.

We’ll see who she calls for tomorrow morning if she tries to pull this stunt again.

*PS: I wish I had a picture of her with her arm around his neck.  It was soooooooo cute.  Love my little monster toddler.

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